The inhumanity by Putin is most definitely terrorism


The video shows the bomb attack at a train station in the city of Kramatorsk, Ukraine on Friday April 8. The approximate death toll is 50, including 5 kids.

While the world hides behind bureaucracy, principles, and law, The insane Putin and his senseless military are slaughtering humans at will. The Russians have no fear of penalties that do not physically harm. To them they are superior and can take whatever they desire or that they have all they need in their massive land and the other rogue nations that stand with them.

The bomb sent by Russia

No one wants to see nuclear weapons in use, and that includes the Russians. So if Putin should give an order to fire a nuke, it is possible the military would disobey and turn on him at that point. Hopefully there is already a plan in place to take out Putin in some form.