The most popular anti-tank weapon being used by Ukrainian military is made by Russia


It may be vintage on the battlefield but it is very cheap (like so many things made by Russia) at about $200 per rocket, abundant and simply to use. Developed by de ol Soviet era military complex, the RPG-7 rocket propelled anti-tank grenades and crowd smaller-upper has been the weapon of choice for all middle east and African warriors for over 50 years. Today it is serving the Ukrainian army very well to beat back the mighty Russian tank battalion.

While the gun lacks on point accuracy, the high quantity on the field makes it challenging for the tanks to avoid. When compared in price to the US Javelin intelligent fire-and-forget gun at $80,000 per rocket, one can see why they are so popular in poorer countries. However the Javelin's kill ration higher and guaranteed because it packs greater power and will find its target without user effort.