The repub attack on "drag" is all just a double standard as they support and promote their drag-star "lady maga"


All this desantian hate on Disney for supporting "drag queens" is really just to rise the hate among the hardcore religious types to get them behind his campaign for hater in chief POTUS. The madness of destroying Budweiser beers, which they had to pay for, simply because they stand with LGBTQ folks is all along the same path of thriving on hate, 'cos while they claim to be against gay folks because a 'god' hates them, they show full support for their "lady maga" drag star. And to keep this cat on the team and protected from all the anti-drag hate laws, he's now referred as "costume artist".

Lady Maga USA (Ryan) explores the reasons he became a drag queen after waking up in the ICU after a suicide attempt.
He grew up Mormon and came out of the closet as Gay, but later in life he realized that as a Trump supporter he was once again in the closet even more deeply than he had ever been as a Mormon. He discusses the pitfalls of the radical "LGBT community" and why he doesn't approve of or relate to mainstream Drag Queen culture. He discusses "coming out" Conservative and the backlash that followed.

The next clear double standard is the extreme christian fundamentalist support for the gay members of their group, AKA "gays for trump"