This car bike concept is a worthy investment project for Caribbean countries


The biking around town is beyond a fad in Europe these days because it promises to reduce emissions and global warning (yes it's real), and it's rise has spawned new business ventures in bicycle, or more like quad-cycle 'cos it has 4 wheels, developments for practical daily uses. The designs have gone from simply joining 2 bikes with various welded bars, to building whole bodies around the merged frames, include battery and even a box for haulin' some stuff.

The video shows a few creations with very exotic styles and functions, but the Pedelec from Bio-Hybrid in Germany is the one to emulate (or just straight up copy) for production and use across the Caribbean. There is no engine, just pedals for power and gearing to adjust for hills or load that needs torque for initial movement. It is very light so it's really the operator's body weight that would be the bulk.

In the 1960s to 1980s, the itty bitty car called "Mini Moke" made by British Motor Company (BMC) was very popular in Caribbean lands due to it's cheap cost and super simplicity to maintain by just about anyone who had a hammer and an adjustable wrench, yeah, plus it could be parked anywhere. In many cases when the body had rusted, damaged beyond repair, the owner would just take it off the frame and build something from wood or pieces of sheet metal, heck some even built a whole van and hauled stuff for cash. The same can be done for a bike-car.

The design looks really simple, though it would require math and engineering skills to get it properly aligned, and that really matters else you get a crab walking uncontrollable death trap. The production cost is reported to be about $1,600 USD, and that's mostly in the electrical components, especially the battery pack. If one just works the thing in the day, that could be optional and lower the cost. This could be a massive venture with sales of 10 - 15k bike-cars sold annually across Caribbean, and even way more if the African continent is reached.

Call the bank and pitch the plan today or go for the crowd funding option.