this spate of preachers engaging in child rape is not new or sudden, it's just being more exposed online


Across the internet there seems to be hundreds of recent articles about christian pastors being arrested for child perversions, and unlike the catholics that protect their priests, these perps have been charged and jailed. Is it new or it's just that there are more watchful eyes and cameras capturing and reporting these depraved actions?

It seems the latter is true. Over many years these child rapes by supposedly trusted male preachers have been occurring but have been ignored by authorities and parents and at times even blame the child for one reason or other. Those kids grew up with the traumatic memories and have just let their lives go to waste due to depression of being called liar. Now with smartphone in hand, the kids are recording the actions, so much that in some churches phones are banned or forced to power them off, not even allowed to place on silent or vibrate.

These men believe it is the "will of god" for them to sexually engage a child at age 9 because the desire and urge they feel is coming directly from 'god'. They do not see their actions as "sinful" or wrong, and declare that the arrests are defying the "master" and the authorities will be "punished". Some have stated that they must act with pure children to procreate for the continuation of the superior man. This is the common belief of mormons and it is practiced in their communities. No it has nothing to with any unseen deity. It is entirely the perverted ideals of the men that take advantage of young minds who have given their total trust to them.

If a preacher tells you he needs to counsel your child in private because you are having issues with the kid at home, tell them no, but more importantly, quit believing these are so-called men of god and do proper parenting.

Numerous reports of child rape by pastors