What is your attitude toward gay folks? Is it hate based on religious belief or love them because they are human?

The 2016 massacre at the Pulse Club in Orlando by lone 29yo muslim male killed 49 people and wounded 53 more and left the community and the gay humans around the world in shock and sadness, knowing that they were so deeply hated. The pain was not solely that people were killed but that so much applause and support for the shooter was published across social media. That hurt so much more because they were now aware that even work colleagues schoolmates at other associations held deep hate for LGBTQ.

On Wednesday May 17 in the Lake Nona community, cops spotted a neon lit sign flashing words "kill all gays" and have been investigating the situation to determine the perpetrators. The report implies that the sign was changed by someone who found the messaging box open. With the current status of hate towards gays being fueled by the far-right extremist government of Ron Desantis and his administration, it is unlikely that any person will be found or prosecuted. The hate group called "goyim" resides in Florida and they have boldly expressed hate and death threats towards gay people and have yet to suffer any penalties, possibly because they support Republicans and bring in votes.

How do you feel about gay humans? Are you seething with hate because a religious cult dictates that they are "bad" and deserving of death as "commanded by god"? That does not seem logical if that icon of worship is the biblical "jesus" who supposedly lived by the rule of "love all humans UNCONDITIONALLY". It more likely that such hate is innate and religion is just used as a scapegoat source to use for validation of any violent action. It doesn't matter how long and how much hate exists toward gay community, there is ABSOLUTELY nothing to stop their existence. Same sex intimacy has existed since time began because it is a NATURAL attraction for some. Don't hate!