When is wealth enough? Is it that the super rich folks need more just to feel alive?


This image supposedly shows the $billion dollar house the Putin built along the Black Sea in Cape Idokopas, Russia and it has every possible sweetness any king can dream of. There are reportedly gun turrets all around the perimeter spanning a mile, under ground bunker which will resist the biggest bunker busting missile which is throw at it, and is capable of living under ground up to 3 years, so he's not scared of nukes.

To achieve all the wealth he has accumulated over 20 years meant many had to die, including "friends" who had wealth, citizens who didn't or refused to pay high taxes, and a labor system that is almost as bad as the Soviet era communism oppression, working hard in miserable conditions for little pay. But can his gain ever be enough? Well if history is correct, greed has no level of satisfaction. All through time, monarchies have invaded and plundered lands to take the wealth, and then they just do it again, simply because they can. They even turn on each other to grab, as seen with the Russian invasion of Ukraine today.

Imagine a world where greed was absent and everyone could share in the resources available, just as the animals do naturally. No hoarding while others starve, no invasion and genocide, slavery. That would be the utopia which religions declare exists somewhere in the sky, yet it's all right here, just being blocked by those telling us about that utopia of "milk and honey" in the non-existent sky.