When the summer hits and you have the need to go island hopping around the Caribbean, here are 23 exciting spots


It's very unfortunate that literally EVERY marketing media relative to Caribbean vacations are all focused on the damn beach! It's like there is nothing else of value or that matters to a curious tourist or even expats, and that's just some BS! If vacations were solely about splashing around in salt water, getting sun burned and sipping rum, one can save time and just go to the coast of what ever country they live.

It should be way more than a beach. Think about knowing the people of the land you visit and what they do for entertainment and relaxation. Surely they don't go to the beach, even if it's just a mile dung di road. They know places, places where they lime and truly have a grand time, and that's where you wanna be. Those are the places that give you the lasting memories.