Why has christianity chosen to side with obvious blatant "sin", greed, lies and hate by way of the trumpism cult?


Since the inception of the christian religion which was about the time when the fabled "jesus" was executed for crimes against the government, it was based in fear mongering to scare people into believing and supporting cult financially. Once the monarchy of Rome in 330 AD saw the power over humans with usage of fear of penalties and death by a never seen deity, emperor Constantine decided to make the religion the sole practice of his kingdom, by way of mass slaughter, imprisonment and torture, and they gained massive wealth with that method for the next 2,000 years.

Over those long years the christians have adopted many methods from all sorts of cults which existed long before them because it was profitable, EG "easter", "christmas", and they declare that "god" is OK with that. During the invasion, capture and enslavement of Africans, the church declared that "god" liked that because "black people did not have souls because they are like animals". When Euro catholics invaded what they called "new world", they declared that the inhabitants were infidels and must be purged from the land that "god" gave them. They have simply skillfully adjusted their definition of "sin" to suit their desires.

Since the advent of trumpism in 2015, the power house christians have shown that they are not at all about what their "jesus" character declared as right for humanity, because it promotes socialism and democracy and they hate that common humans have rights to life. The country see the embracing of a cult of fascism and all thing inhumane by the so-called evangelists and many have now questioned the reality of "god" and their faith in a possible long running lie. This has caused many to leave the religion and seek others or simply live in REALITY! If christian leaders are gonna openly embrace OBVIOUS evil for monetary gain, without fear of penalty from a "god", it just makes clear that there is absolutely NO "god"!