Many celebs express disgust and condemnation of Will Smith's violent public attack at the Oscars

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While a lower mindset of people across social media and within the actors' guild, usually the untrained ghetto types, have applauded the violent action of Will Smith at the 2022 Oscars, the more upstanding people have condemned his actions and even call for punishment. One prominent and significant person is Richard Williams, the man that Smith played in the movie that got him the award, "King Richard". Williams stated "We don’t condone anyone hitting anyone else unless it’s in self-defense"

Will Smith didn't just steal from his own moment tonight. He stole from Venus Williams, Serena Williams, Richard Williams and everyone else involved with 'King Richard.' Shame.

Adding to the rage at Smit's degrading action is the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science announcement that an investigation has been launched to determine if Smith and Chris Rock had planned the action for mass media attention, as have been done by other celebs in the past, such as Janet Jackson's "wardrobe failure" at the 2001 Superbowl show, or the 2009 MTV awards when Sasha Cohen fell into the lap of rap artist Eminem. The latter was later confessed as planned, though Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake have continued to deny they had intent for the mishap.


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