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About Caribbean American Passport

Caribbean American Passport (hereon referred as CAP) is a leading source of news, information, inspiration, and cultural insights from the Caribbean region and its diaspora. With a commitment to delivering accurate, timely, and engaging content, CAP has established itself as a trusted resource for individuals seeking to stay informed about the latest developments, trends, and stories shaping the Caribbean community worldwide.


  • Demographics: CAP caters to a diverse audience, including individuals of Caribbean descent living in the diaspora, as well as enthusiasts of Caribbean culture and affairs. Our audience spans various age groups, professions, and interests, providing advertisers with a unique opportunity to reach a broad spectrum of consumers.

  • Geography: While our primary audience resides in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the Caribbean islands, CAP also attracts readers from across the globe who share an interest in Caribbean news, culture, and lifestyle.

Content Verticals

CAP covers a wide range of topics relevant to the Caribbean community, including:

  1. News & Current Affairs: Comprehensive coverage of breaking news, politics, business, and social issues impacting the Caribbean region and its diaspora.

  2. Culture & Entertainment: Features, interviews, and reviews highlighting Caribbean music, art, literature, film, cuisine, and festivals.

  3. Travel & Lifestyle: Insider guides, destination spotlights, and travel tips for exploring the Caribbean, along with lifestyle content focusing on health, wellness, fashion, and more.

  4. Sports: In-depth analysis, updates, and highlights from the world of Caribbean sports, including cricket, soccer, track and field, and more.

Advertising Opportunities

  1. Display Advertising: Engage our audience with visually appealing banner ads strategically placed throughout our website and newsletters.

  2. Sponsored Content: Partner with CAP to create custom sponsored articles, videos, or infographics tailored to your brand's message and objectives.

  3. Email Marketing: Reach our subscribers directly through targeted email campaigns featuring your products or services.

  4. Event Sponsorship: Increase your brand visibility by sponsoring CAP hosted events, webinars, or community initiatives.

Audience Reach

  • Website: Our website attracts thousands of visitors monthly, with a significant portion consisting of highly engaged repeat readers.

  • Newsletter: Our newsletter boasts a large subscriber base, providing advertisers with direct access to an actively interested audience.

  • Social Media: Connect with our followers across various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Contact Us

For advertising inquiries, partnership opportunities, or to request our media kit printed, please contact

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About Us

Caribbean American Passport is for the Caribbean-American people who celebrate the unique vibrancy of the Caribbean culture coupled with an American perspective. The people who might be in a suit but will at the very least, tap their foot once Reggae or Soca hits their ear. The Caribbean American who knows that the future of our families is made better by the present we work on today.

I invite you to join as a member to support a Community Newspaper that supports the Community. Your membership will ensure that Community Organizations have a forum to share their cultural events and that we continue to keep our Culture alive as we form a vibrant community here for our families.

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