The late legendary artist known affectionately as "Prince" endured extreme bullying as a kid, and overcame

Being bullied as a short kid can be traumatic and if ignored by parents, can be life time character defining, in a negative form. Bullying will happen but it can be turned into something of value to a child when the internalized hurt and rage is redirected to creativity.

Prince Rogers Nelson, known professionally as Prince, did face bullying during his childhood. Prince's early years were marked by struggles, including bullying from his peers. He was born on June 7, 1958, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and experienced a challenging childhood marked by his parents' separation and frequent moves between homes.

One notable aspect of Prince's childhood that contributed to the bullying was his health condition. Prince suffered from epilepsy, which made him a target for teasing and bullying by other children. His small stature also made him more vulnerable to being picked on.

Despite these difficulties, Prince found solace and a sense of identity in music. His early exposure to music through his parents, both of whom were musicians, provided him with an outlet to express himself and eventually led to his extraordinary career in the music industry. Prince's experiences with bullying and adversity likely influenced his development as a person and an artist, contributing to the depth and complexity of his music and public persona.