The Trained Flea Syndrome Keeps Many People Trapped In Mental Slavery


The video is a Playstation commercial from the 2001, however the alleged experiment was done some decades in the past to show how fleas stay trapped in a jar with the lid off, due to a few days of training with the lid on.

While the jar was closed for about 8 days, the fleas tried jumping in all directions to escape, but once they realized that jumping too high would cause a state of misery because they would hit the lid, they adjusted muscle memory to reach just below the lid and no further. When the lid was removed and freedom was at hand, the fleas still only jumped high enough to not hit the lid and never got out. Their off-springs that are born in the jar will adapt the behavior and themselves will live forever in the jar. 

This is the unfortunate state of religious cults that train simple minds to believe in unseen deities and fear penalties that conveniently occur only after death, so the cults don't have to prove anything, therefore believers keep living in a jar and beating their kids into adapting.