If you dream it, plan it and bust yo' ass to make it, your best vacation location will become reality

Your best vacation is where ever you have the most memorable moments. Not to remember all that you did, but how that one event stirs joy every time you think of it. 'cos sometimes it's best to do absolutely nothing but lay around and chill, and implement the motto used all across the Caribbean limin' spots

"have fun in the sun while drinkin' rum".

Being that most small islands within the Caribbean bloc have been stripped of the natural resources since the long period of mining by "colonizers", they are now left with people and vast areas where tourists go to bask in the sea and sun, and that is now the revenue source which the countries and the citizens rely on for daily existence. Therefore when you make your destination plans for that region, especially as an ex-pat, you most definitely will be boosting the economies.

Here are some great annual vacation events in the Caribbean to consider

Jamaica Dream Week

Last Friday of July

It's now 18 years old and still going strong. This week long party on the beaches of Negril in Westmoreland, Jamaica. The event is held between the last Friday of July into a day or 2 of August.

Reggae Sumfest


Held in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival

Aruba Soul Beach Music Festival

Barbados Vujaday Music Festival

St Martin SXM Music Festival

5-Days and nights of house & EDM by renowned DJs from around the world.

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