Two very distinct voices of Reggae united to produce a great politically infused song


In a harmonious blend of legendary talent and soothing rhythms, Brinsley Forde of band Aswad and David Hinds of Steel Pulse, two top renowned British Reggae bands, come together to deliver the 2019 release - "Chillin," a reggae track that invites listeners to unwind and immerse themselves in the rich, vibrant culture of reggae music. This song is more than just a musical piece; it is a testament to the enduring legacy and evolving spirit of reggae, bringing together two iconic voices in a celebration of relaxation, unity, and cultural heritage and musical revision of a dark period in African enslavement.

Brinsley Forde and David Hinds are no strangers to the world of reggae. Brinsley Forde, a founding member of the pioneering British reggae band Aswad, has long been celebrated for his contribution to the genre. Aswad, formed in the 1970s, played a crucial role in bringing reggae to a wider audience, and Forde’s voice became synonymous with the band's rich, soulful sound. His work with Aswad, particularly on hits like "Don't Turn Around" and "Shine," showcased his ability to blend traditional reggae with contemporary influences, creating a timeless appeal.

David Hinds, on the other hand, is the charismatic frontman of Steel Pulse, another seminal reggae band that emerged from the UK. Steel Pulse has been a powerful force in reggae music, known for their politically charged lyrics and infectious rhythms. Hinds’ distinct voice and passionate delivery have made him a revered figure in the reggae community, with classics like "Your House" and "Steppin' Out" cementing his status as a reggae legend.

"Chillin" is more than just a song; it’s a cultural artifact that underscores the importance of reggae as a medium for storytelling and social commentary. Reggae has always been a genre deeply rooted in the experiences and struggles of the African diaspora, and songs like "Chillin" continue this tradition by offering a message of hope and resilience. In a world often characterized by turmoil and uncertainty, the song’s emphasis on relaxation and inner peace serves as a powerful reminder of the healing power of music.

Moreover, the collaboration between Brinsley Forde and David Hinds highlights the enduring relevance of reggae music. By bringing together two iconic figures from different bands, "Chillin" bridges generational and stylistic gaps, showing that the spirit of reggae remains alive and well, continually evolving while staying true to its roots.