A crazy pill is being served to the extreme christian conservatives. She is claiming that 'god' showed her a flat Earth

Nadine Brown Attorney

This nutcase is the Georgia state GOP chair and she is head deep into the madness of "flat earth" and visions of 'god', which happens to be the very one that Hollywood shows us, you know, white, angry, full face beard, blue eyes, to her that picture is real. Her asylum name is kandiss taylor.

In an interview with David Weiss (AKA “Flat Earth Dave”) and Matt Long on her “Jesus, Guns, and Babies” podcast, Taylor and her guests discussed biblical “evidence” that the Earth is actually flat as a pancake. “The people that defend the globe don’t know anything about the globe,” said Weiss. “If they knew a tenth of what Matt and I know about the globe they would be Flat Earthers.”

Wait, "know about the globe"?! She has never been above Earth except in her child-like visions, but he is sure that all the people who have gone into space are lying, and no one can change her mind because she speaks to a higher authority, "the maker of earth".

What is truly crazy is these are the people being voted into government to run the country. If you know better, vote for better.


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