are you bothered and concerned about the book banning in Florida?


The scourge of book banning has spread across America and many kids have been deprived of knowledge which inspired and brightened the minds of the adults who are now blocking education. They seem to be making an effort to dumb down the country to keep the masses totally dependent on an imaginary deity and the authoritarian extremists in government. That is the exact system used by monarchies for thousands of years. They kept the masses illiterate and told them that a 'god' wanted them to be stupid and has made the few in the "royal" families the absolute leaders over all humans.

Don't allow this dictatorship religious rule to take America back to the dark era, because nothing good happened for humanity in that time. It was only mass misery and death by the hands of the church. It's been stated at social media that people are leaving Florida in fear of evil to come, don't leave! If you do then evil has won and that's what they want. As the democratic minds leave the state, the extremists from around the land flock in and from there they will build a powerful and violent army that will use force to make the rest of the country obey their religious will. It is exactly what happened in Iran in 1979. The good ran and evil was brought in and today the women suffer. Stand your ground and battle.