"democracy is bad", "dissolve Democrat party", "hunt them with dogs” The brazen hate verbiage is getting worse


"I look forward to the day that democrats are so rare, we have to hunt them with dogs.”

These are the words from South Carolina 4 term Republican governor Henry Mcmaster during his speech at a GOP convention on Saturday, May 20. Those words of violence and hate have triggered numerous calls for his resignation (will never happen) and apology. Knowing the very sick mental state of the far-right white nationalists like Mcmaster, there will be no such response.

Many other extremist christian nationalists, including non-whites, have made statements that "democracy is bad", a statement once made by nazi adolf hitler in 1930 which led to total autocracy and the loss of 80 million lives over just 5 years of violence. No democracy is NOT bad..., christian hate is bad for humanity, that's what needs to be addressed. People who believe there is a being somewhere that is commanding them to hate and kill are very dangerous for America and the world. If you want to believe there is a god, choose to believe that your deity wants you to be socialist like the character "jesus". It is insane that the christian nationalists are not following the concepts their story book declare about socialism, that "jesus" lived in abject poverty and was always looking out for the poor. The greedy repubs HATE that ideology.

The hate monger Mcmaster has claimed on Monday that his words were meant as a joke, and that's what they have all done when action is taken against them, as if simply laughing it away will repair the damage done, and that damage is the many simple minded followers taking their guns to places where they know are Democratic strongholds and just kill. This video of a Texas resident boasting a mass killing gun in the back of his truck should make that intent very clear. While the gun may be a movie prop as claimed by some, it is the message that matters. It says "we hate with intent to kill in mass"


All evil terrorist organizations throughout history have declared that their actions of hate and destruction are "guided by god". ISIS or MAGA, they are of the same mind state as PROVEN on Jan 6'21


Quit the evil fascist practices far-right christians. Follow the lessons of "the son of god" and love all, regardless of race, religion, sexual preference and political choice. Today the republicans call the jesus logic "woke" and they hate it and actively doing all sorts of wicked actions to block "jesus"