did miami heat make a bad decision to stage the mascot fight with mma fighter connor mcgregor?


During game 4 of the NBA finals, the half time show included a scripted fight between Bernie the mascot and the multiple criminally charged MMA fighter Connor Mcgregor, and it did not end well for the mascot. The person in the suit had to be hospitalized for a concussion. Of course the fans hated it and booed Mcgregor. The team organization and the NBA later were under fire from the media and authorities for allowing such a despicable person to have the stage.

Evidently it was a paid promotion for Mcgregor's pain relief spray so there was, as always, money that led the NBA to disregard the bad character and allow the act.

Now there is a female accusing Connor of sexual harassment and assault which she said occurred later that same night. She says the Miami Heat security forced her into the men's restroom where Mcgregor was hiding in the handicap stall and he busted out, grabbed her and did all sorts of nasty with her while the security staff watched. Of course he has denied the accusation and the woman's behavior is seemingly twisted, so it may just be a lie for cash. It is note worthy tho' that Connor has previously been arrested and charged for similar assault and had to pay to avoid jail time.