Evangelist Jesse Duplantis boldly boasts his wealth stolen from followers as "tithes"


Maybe people who believe in gods really like to see their preachers in high priced cars, owning million dollar jets and yachts and living in 50k square foot homes, because they keep giving money to those thieving bastards. That is stupidity and insanity.

The prosperity preacher Jesse Duplantis boldly boasts his wealth which he stole from followers in the form of "tithes", and tells an audience in 2021 that the fabled "jesus" has not returned because people have not given enough money to rich preachers.

Of course this ass and all the self declared prosperity preachers are tightly aligned with Trump and the white nationalist movement and make all the hate statements become part of their sermons, claiming that 'god' approves of hate for certain people (usually gays). One, Pat Robertson, most recently stated publicly that the war by Putin on Ukraine was intended by 'god' to bring about the armageddon and therefore Putin is doing his duty.

And they all claim that 'god' wants them to be supremely wealthy, while telling their followers to remain broke because they cannot take the wealth to the fabled utopia in the sky which they call "heaven". They also define all sorts of reasons why the fictitious "jesus" was abjectly poor, along with his disciples, claiming that they will receive the greatest wealth in, yes, "heaven" 🙂