Ford motor company shows full support for the gay community and the extreme hate crowd lost their minds


When big beer producer Budweiser promoted the product that supported gay folks, the far-right community of haters started a campaign of aggression on beer cans and posted hundreds of videos of their foolish selves buying half million dollars worth of bud beers and destroying them. The big bad bud just laughed and carried on.

Somehow the haters must have been triggered by the Bud can or driven by the actions of the Florida government of hate, but they now are showing rage rage at Ford over their "very gay raptor" commercial which has been in circulation since June '22. A few of the more wealthy types have posted videos of them destroying their trucks, but not on the large scale as Bud cans. Most are just rushing into car dealers to trade in and those salesreps are loving it. Idiocy at large on the far-right.