Happy Holi 2022

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The Holi Festival, whether you celebrate at home, in the Mandir, on the streets or at a festival; the meaning is the same; it's a celebration of the arrival of Spring and the triumph of good over evil. Families come together to pray, to shower each-other with colored powder and water and to celebrate life.

In 2022 the celebration of Holi takes on additional meaning. Right here in Florida, across the Caribbean and around the World citizens are coming together to celebrate the arrival of Spring, the celebration of Good over Evil and, hopefully, the celebration of the ending of the Covid-19 restrictions.

The joy of celebrating and playing with the many different colors of paint, powder and water is a powerful, euphoric experience. The air is filled with laughter and love for life. What is there not to like about this celebration and festival?! It is truly the beginning and the sign of a new season. We share these special moments with loved ones, close friends, and family. This is a release of the pentup anxiety of the Winter and the joyful embracing of the Spring, the season of color, of new beginning, the blossoming of beautiful flowers, the rebirth of green grass, the re-coloring of the leaves into the many different shades of green and the celebration of the Triumph of Good over Evil.


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