He's just 38 and have achieved so much more than many, he's Sir Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton MBE HonFREng


He's the Caribbean heritage kid of Grenadian lineage who made a global impact in the high profile international sport of Formula One motor racing. He has won the championship 7 times with the Mercedes team and have gained world recognition as the greatest driver of all time (G.O.A.T), and for that highest level of historical success, and being a British citizen, Lewis Hamilton was knighted by the Brit monarchy.

The first race for Hamilton in 2023 will be Sunday March 5 in Bahrain and he is determined to take back his championship status this year, after 2 years of losses to 25 year old Belgian driver Max Verstappen, 1 of which most fans still think he was robbed intentionally to bring in a new face and car brand. It's just the way it is in professional sports where big money is moved. If the fans of the sport are dropping off because they are bored with the same dominant brand, a "burn notice" is issued and the champ must take a fall or be taken out internally. Lewis was forced to miss and forfeit 2 races in 2020 with the false claim that he had the corona virus, though he took all precautions to avoid it. Then he was barred from another race for wearing a nose ring and that sealed his loss for the champ. Regardless of the systemic actions set to stop him from further increasing his status, his legacy is already set and will remain for possibly well over 100 years.

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