Human ingenuity is a gift to be used for progress and has served well since we got to Earth


The 8 wondrous structures on the planet have kept scientists up at nights for thousands of years to determine how ancient humans built those monuments without the use of mega machinery as we have today, and even the current machines cannot lift a single stone block that makes up the pyramids in Egypt. For this reason, many theorists have simply attributed the gigantic buildings to extra terrestrials, and that's just wacky.

Mankind has the cognitive means to define a way to get to the mountain top. The phrase "if the mind can conceive it, the body will achieve it" has long been the catalyst that led to all our modern achievements, not magic. This video shows how some folks have taken on the challenge to reduce the dependence on fossil fuel while still being able to use vehicles to move us around, on land, air and sea. Powered by human motion or batteries or both.