if your church pastor seems insane, he is. this crazed man in nairobi convinced over 300 simple minds to starve to death


There have been multiple religious cults, somehow always christian, that have sold the lie of "doomsday" and told the followers to bring all their values to the church and the preacher well use it to take care of them and it will be multiplied because he's a "man of god". Finally when all the money is gone, the "prophet" tells the simple folks that 'god' wants them to speed their entry to "heaven" so they have to do a suicidal act.

Such is the case of this recent mass death caused by a christian preacher in Nairobi, Kenya, Paul Mackenzie. To date the bodies found have exceeded 300 and could get into thousands because it is reported by AP News that more than 600 people from the rural village are missing. Autopsies conducted on more than 100 bodies showed the victims died of starvation, strangulation, suffocation and injuries sustained from blunt objects. The man was just obsessed with death and he got a high from seeing the misery. He taught that education was of the "devil" and told the already low or absolutely ignorant people that they should avoid schools and even attack the "demon teachers".

If you are in a religious group and the preacher starts talking about self destruction to get to "heaven", get out.