Is it now time to escape from florida due to outbreak of leprosy and malaria?


Nearly one in five U.S. cases of leprosy is reported in Florida, with roughly 81% of cases in the state reported in central Florida, according to a study.

This is getting bad for the sunshine state. What is behind this rising epidemic?

A recent research letter to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is raising eyebrows amongst medical professionals and the general public. While the U.S. still has very few cases of leprosy, a team of doctors have identified an uptick in cases across the country, and 80% of them are coming from the state of Florida alone. Stranger still, 20% of all cases were identified in one single region of the Sunshine State, Central Florida.

The other disease on the rise in Florida is malaria and it is again within the central region. Has the water in this area been intentionally tainted? All this is really bad for the state as far as tourism and manufacturing. Some companies have already expressed interest in leaving for Texas, partly due to the extremism of Desantis but now with greater purpose because the bad media of the diseases is going to cause rejection of their products.

So what must one do? RUN!