It is important to teach kids any and everything in case they may need to use the skill, just as 13yo Dillon did to save many


On Wednesday April 26th, school bus driver Mike Sington was carrying 66 children from Carter Middle School in Michigan and had what seem to be a heart attack (as it sounds like he said "heart" on the radio) and becomes immobile at the wheel and actually passed out. A crash was imminent if not for the alert and mature leadership abilities of 13-year-old Dillon Reeves as he jumps to the rescue and brings the bus to a stop because he knew exactly what to do with the controls, just as his parents taught him.

Don't ever think a child is "too young" to learn anything. Teach and show them how to apply the lessons you pass on. The kid was even able to display military commander like leadership as he barked out commands to "call 911", and he wasn't asking nicely. It was a life and death situation and he demanded immediate action. That's a characteristic taught by his loving and disciplined parent.

The driver should never be on such a job

The other important factor to this incident is the driver apparently has a know medical condition as he seems to be reaching around to get possibly medication which he depends on. If the schoolboard is aware of this major issue, they should never let him be a chauffeur of children. That risk of mass death is way too high. He seemed to be feeling the dizziness before moving yet he did so anyway and called in the request to pull over after the fact. That is just absolute idiocy in action. Come on school HR, ask the drivers the right questions without political correctness of discrimination! That is applicable in case of minority hiring, not for major bouts of heart failure while operating a moving vehicle loaded with kids. Give him a desk job.