It's ludicrous that Africans want the imagery of Cleopatra to be white, though she was Egyptian


The insane outrage by north Africans of Egypt regarding the Netflix drama of the last queen of the land, Cleopatra. They even have filed lawsuits to force the cancellation of the movie with the claim that the queen was not "that black" because she was born of a white Greek and an African woman. They are really more upset that her hair is not straight.

It's really bad when black people despise darker people just for the reason of being darker, but it happens all across Africa, India, Indonesia, South America and Caribbean. Everywhere the Euros invaded, when they left, the natives had completely been brain twisted to accept that white skin is better and they needed to become white. The Africans figured they needed to lose their true 100% given "nappy" hair texture and create methods to make it straight and now spend over $80 billion annually across the world to be an inferior copy of folks with naturally given straight hair. In India and other Asian regions with dark skinned natives, they spend near $30 billion to use all sorts of creams and potions to make the skin complexion lighter. It's just silly and sickening.

Get it together people. Get back to being real before the Europeans came. If you believe in a 'god' and that you were made in the image of that 'god', by altering your hair texture and lightening skin, you are slapping your 'god' in the face to say "how dare you made me inferior".