It's the history of Afrocentric house music from the basements of small Brooklyn homes

All through the dark years of African oppression in America, the one element that kept the unity and the will to go on, was music, and there was great creativity. By the period of the 1970s, there was the jamming genre of Disco and the clubs were overflowing, but as always there was a massive "other side" crowd that just had to hate and they led a mission to literally destroy the Disco (they blew up records in the baseball stadium at the event called disco demolition) beat because as usual, it was the music of the "devil", 'cos it was by black folks and Jews and souls were being destroyed.

By 1980 the Disco had evolved into house, though main stream media preferred the term "pop". It was captivating and mesmerizing, yes it was like a drug, once you heard it you just wanted to keep dancing. The beat is still alive today, especially in Chicago where Frankie Knuckles made it the preference and no "other side" guys could destroy that sound.