It's the unfortunate future of a nazi fascist America as Jewish citizens in Orlando are brazenly harassed


The brazen attack on members of the Chabad in Orlando on February 22 makes it clear that the goal of the desantians is to bring in a "nazi" concept to use violence to enforce very evil laws that will lead to racial imprisonment and may even include mass slaughter. All the signs are there; book banning, laws that remove freedoms for certain groups, hate for immigrants, brazen racist attacks. The same occured with the German nazis in 1933 and everyone ignored it saying they were just a tiny group and will just fade away. They didn't fade away, in fact they grew and by 1939 the world was at war and in just 5 years over 80 million people were killed.

Do not ignore these hate groups that are driven by extreme religious beliefs. Take action to remove them

These nazi assholes shout support for Palestinians yet would turn on them if they cross paths with those of that community in America. They just thrive on hate. The ass with the bullhorn is Jon Eugene Minadeo II, the head of a blatant racist group called goyim defense league,

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Jon Eugene Minadeo II is an American antisemitic conspiracy theorist, neo-Nazi and white supremacist. He is the leader of the neo-Nazi group Goyim Defense League, and is known for his video platform GoyimTV, banner drops and his distributions of neo-Nazi propaganda

He's Italian-American, a failed high school drop out, grew up poor in California as his mother kept moving between rented apartments, and blames his loser life on the usual immigrants, Jews, blacks, and non-christians. This is not "free speech"! This is blatant racist attack and should be handled accordingly by the authorities. That the Florida police are letting this group thrive, just means they are supporting it. The evil and racist desantians are happy to imprison a school teacher for simply mentioning American slavery history.