John Oliver shows in comical manner how televangelists take in money without regard for losses their viewers suffer


I once asked a religious follower why they keep giving money to televangelists while they know factually that they, the preacher has 2 $50 mil private jets, 5 mansions at minimum $5 mil each, numerous high priced cars and so on. He said because he believed 'god' would do the same for him if he kept "sowing seeds" and he would give even if he had to steal the money to give. That's extreme insanity and simply a case of weak dependency on magical handouts and lacking innovative abilities.

These preachers are not trying to help the poor, hungry, ill or whatever their fabled "jesus" dictates. Their word is that if one is poor it is what 'god' wants for them and he, the preacher, is not obligated to help anyone who is being punished by "the master". That's just wrong, but they get away with it just like the grifter drumpf.