Marley Dias is on a solid path to initiate change at the government level and she will be very effective


When we first met the very verbose activist Marley Dias in 2016, she was a wee 11 year old with big plans to help little black girls read about black girls life through history, by way of a project she called "1000 Black Girl Books". At the time she went on a mission to Jamaica to help brighten the minds of girls of her age range show them a path to higher ambition, that they could be way more than their male counters are.

Today she is in college and hit a height of 5'11'' so she is quite towering already, and when she's done with all her training, she will be a loud voice in any community and quite possible be a candidate for political office in her state, then onto American government. Get to know her folks as she may be POTUS 49. Follow her today

Marley with her parents in 2020 high school graduation