Music skills are an important revenue source for Caribbean countries & should be supported


It is well known across the world that music industry revenue is significant, in excess of $28B annually, and that's just in recorded music sales (CD, downloads etc - not including concerts and advertising), a strong revenue source for many people, especially in low income neighborhoods, so why not place emphasis on funding schools across the Caribbean at the early level to develop instrument mastery.

Every developed country has arts curriculum (though not required) which starts the training at even the kindergarten level. This video shows international recording bassist Richard Bona jamming with the internet bass player phenom Aron Hodek, born December 2010, from Slovakia who was given a guitar as a gift at age 3 and began formal training at 4. He already has a strong career now at age 12, and his future is pretty much set for success. This is not based in "luck" or "blessing", it's entirely in parental encouragement, training and discipline. "Chance favors the prepared".

If countries of the Caribbean hemisphere (AKA third world bloc) adopt a strong funded child music training program, there could be a solid revenue source for eternity in the form of taxes, skills export with government attached contracts as the representing agent earning a percentage, and attraction for international students to pay for tutoring either in physical or online attendance.

Music revenue graph from Statista