over 42,000 women serve in the ukraine military in defense of their beloved country


Since the start of the invasion of Ukraine by their bordering neighbor Russia in February 2022, approximately 3,200 women have died on the battlefield as warriors, and they fight fearlessly. They did not choose to fight for personal glory or self-centered attention. They went out to the battle knowing that at any moment they could die. They fight for freedom and are determined to take back their land from a renowned terrorist country for more that 300 years.

It is very important that Ukraine is victorious for the survival of democracy across the free world. A Putin victory will guarantee the restoration of USSR and dictatorship across Europe and eventually America. All the authoritarian factions have aligned and are determined to take the world back to the dark ages when a few MEN controlled all wealth and decided who would live or die. This must not be allowed. Rise and fight if this evil spreads to your land.