point of view and perspective matter. there is always absolute truth when something seems impossible


The success of politicians and religions is based on the skillful way they spin the facts in very fantastical ways that the simple and gullible mind that wants to be told things that intrigue and excite, will follow and give all themselves, even to the point of attacking and killing others who show them the truth. When the lies are told for a long period, generations, it becomes "truth" by tradition and believers will take it as offense if the belief is contested.

This is the case of the extreme trumpism today. The years of lies and support from the powerful evangelical celebrity preachers have led over 70 million Americans to be willing to die to protect the very obvious lies and the liars.

Seek the absolute truth by cross referencing and asking logical questions. If the campaigning politician gives what he calls "historical facts" that just seems too extreme, ask for citations, sources, and if the response is aggression, something is amiss.