See Orlando From The Sky And Get A Better View Of The Fun City


The Atacama deserts of Chile has more than 5,000 ancient geoglyphs, immense designs and figures drawn into the dry flats and hills, similar to Peru's famous Nazca Lines. Some of the Atacama geoglyphs are about 1,200 years old, dating to 800 CE. The most recent was made 500 years ago in the 16th century. Those arts are today a wonder of the archeological world and would never have been seen if not for the air plane. Yes, those wondrous pictographs can only be seen from above ground.

With so many drones in the control of any human, we are seeing so much more of our landscape, thanks to the internet spaces where these videos dwell. Maybe there could be something spectacular hidden on the grounds the great fantasy city of Orlando which you may spot in this video.

South American Land Art