The 7 years of trumpism which brought to rise the dark side of white supremacy and hate will last for 2 decades

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Since the launch of the Trump POTUS campaign in 2015 and his blatant promotion of white supremacy and nazism, the underground "kkk" folks no longer wear their masks because they truly believe trump is the "grand wizard" come to rescue them from their imagined state of suppression.

These types are no longer hiding out at the side of the dark web where the feed on each others hate for non-whites, and plot all sorts of evil methods to attack and slaughter. Since 2017 they have been aggressive at spaces like Twitter which before Musk was somewhat actively suspending or deleting openly racist accounts, however since Musk got hold of the platform, it has become the nastiest social area for trumpites and they really pour on the messages of hate.

This particular pig had posted vile statements in 2020 during the George Floyd debacle. He stated multiple times that Floyd deserved to be killed and many more like him should be hunted and slaughtered. For that evil post he was banned from Twitter by the former Jack Dorsey administration. Now he's back and even boasts his ban as a trophy.

This post he declared that without white men, specifically heterosexual, ('cos yes, he really hates gay dudes and have tossed out call for their destruction, all in the name of the christian god), are able to make perfect equipment and the world will be a horrible place with his kind. It's absolute non-sense but his hate type believe it and live by it.



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