The extreme abuse of kids by the parents who used them to make million from a Youtube channel has raised awareness


There are many parents around the world who have created video channels at various platforms which pay ad-sharing revenue, and most do have massive followings which help them make millions annually, however there are reports that in some households the kids are miserable as they are forced to perform and punished if they don't or just didn't do it they way it was scripted.

The Utah woman Ruby Frankes is one that has really taken the child labor to the extreme. She is now arrested for the deplorable conditions she kept her kids under for now 10 years. She is christian mormon and declares that all her [evil] actions on her kids are written in the bible and therefore not illegal under god. (can you say insane)

If convicted, she faces up to 32 years in prison and her kids are all happy to hear that, apparently they have long hated her.

There is nothing immoral about producing video content with your kids, heck if it is supremely successful it will put them through college and possibly be their income source for many years as adults. The bad side is when you become obsessed and force them to do what only you want.