The extreme white nationalists sat silly isht all da time, so Ann Coulter pokes fun at one

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The far right christian white nationalist loud mouth "charlie kirk" made the absolutely dumbass statement on its podcast when his cult god drumpf was indicted:

“every ‘Republican’ running for President should suspend their campaign and go to Miami as a show of support [for trump]. If you don’t, you are part of the problem. Either we have an opposition party or we don’t. GO to Miami Tuesday, and show solidarity or we will mark you as part of the opposition [sic]”

Now why would they wanna support the ass they are trying to defeat? Doing so would simply guarantee victory for Joe Biden or any of his Democrat challengers. When the white racist statement was posted to Twitter, Ann Coulter poked it with some aggressive comedy

“That’s nothing! I’m calling on EVERY REPUBLICAN TO COMMIT SUICIDE in solidarity with Trump! Otherwise, we don’t have a country, folks.”

Of course some folks read the tweet and took it to mean that Coulter was encouraging folks to literally jump off a cliff and responded with all sorts of threats and idiocy, but that's expected from low IQ extremists.


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