The fascist has made it clear that he will stomp out democracy by violent means if give POTUS power


America is rapidly leaning towards the darkness of its genocidal past. To the days when women had no rights and were not allowed to gain education beyond high school, when children were forced to work in dangerous places at the risk of injury or long term illness. When religion declared certainly people as "bad" and worthy of death, women were hunted and burned publicly because a neighbor declared that she was a "witch".

This must not be allowed.

This photo is at a public beach in south Italy in 1957, a mere 66 years ago when women were fined for wearing bikini. She would clearly be from the northern cities  where freedom was embraced and expressed, but places where catholic rule still held strong with extreme conservatism were enforcing "biblical laws" AKA their misogynistic imagination of their utopian 'god' world on Earth. This is what far-right wants for America.

A quote from the article at

The bikini was banned from beaches and public places on the French Atlantic coastline, Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Australia, and was prohibited or discouraged in a number of US states. The Vatican declared it sinful. The United States Motion Picture Production Code, also known as the Hays Code, enforced from 1934, allowed two-piece gowns but prohibited the display of navels in Hollywood films.


People being ticketed for ‘indecent exposure’ at Rockaway Beach of New York, 1946


There have always been a war on women all across the christian, islam uber conservative world. If they don't do what men want, they are punished viciously.