The leaders of countries which may well be the last batch of democracy in the world

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Human freedom is at risk of being dissolved and a return to global autocracy taking hold and return to mass human suffering at the hands of people who want to kill at will without consequence. We are returning to a point where the masses will have no voice or choice to live in a manner which pleases them. A time when men in military uniform comes to your home and take you away for the words you spoke or they clothing you prefer to wear.

Currently the countries that hate humans having rights are at the point where their ability to enact global destruction by means of mass killing weapons, are greater than the few remaining democracies. If China, Russia, North Korea, Pakistan, India unite for the cause of conquering all the socialist type countries, it will be very bloody and over within 6 months. It's the primary reason that NATO countries are doing all, in spite of provocation, to avoid retaliation when Russia "accidentally" does damage to property associated with the bloc.

How can we have peace for humanity?


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