the now lost mini sub voyage to the titanic wreck was doomed from the start


First, what's with these white folks and there endless obsession with an ancient ship?! It's long gone, let it go, just as black people are told to let go the history of violent enslavement, and similarly Jews are told to move on from the holocaust. Quit the movies, books, documentaries and damn millions spent to find the wreck and "restore". It must be a white superiority thing.

Anyway, this little sub that rich white folks paid $250k each for a joyride to the bottom of sea, has become a very costly search and recovery USING TAX PAYERS MONEY, to get rich folks who pay little to no taxes, back to land so they can gloat and write books to make more money. It doesn't seem that it's gonna end well for those folks as the report now at 8:45PM Wed June 21 is that the oxygen has about 8 hours left and the vessel has sunk to approximately 13k feet which is way more than the depth for American navy subs and therefor out of reach. Now they will become part of the Titanic stories.

Doomed from the start

There were multiple expert reports and even complaints about the vessel of not being secure or worthy for any extreme depth. The furthest it ever dove was 800 feet, and the 'tanic was known to be on the sea floor at 12k feet, so it was pretty much over once the decision was made to make the journey. The OceanGate company's director was fired for stating that the vehicle was not safe. The company was sued for previous damages caused on other dives because it had improper navigational equipment, however this is public information know by the paying passengers, and they ignored all the warnings. The loss is unfortunate but the ride was very irresponsible.