the "rebellion" in russia appears to be just a sham action to cause distraction for ukraine offensive


One would think that an egregious action such as an attack by Russians on cities in the land, and words of threat towards Putin would trigger very aggressive response from the power military to violently crush the coup, but no such action is happening. In fact the people of the cities where the violent "wagner" nazi terrorists have invaded are simply taking pictures and having lunch, as if they know the script. This action by prighozin is more of a method of distraction to cause Ukraine to lower their guards and gawk in awe, while Russian military sneak into the city of Kyiv and take the president and the main control centers.

Already all the news media across the world are focused on the activities and therefore distracted from their own issues at home, so the plan is working excellently. It is important that UA stay vigilant and maintain the counter-offensive which started in May.