the repub celebs and politicians that are calling for violence to protect trump are not willing to do the act themselves


The ex pro baseball player curt schilling was always know for racial statements in the club house and he just did not care who it bothered. Now in the era of drumpf brazen hate-ism, he has risen to join the multiple political figures on the far crazy side of repubtardism to be calling for extreme violence in order to stop the prosecution of the criminal drumpf.

Like the weak and evil action of drumpf on Jan 6 '21 to send people to die, imprisoned and lose their souls, none of these evil celebs are willing to go do the violence themselves. They are simply picking on the illiterate and very gullible followers who are easily triggered when someone of status tells them they will be harmed if they do not go out and kill. It's the same tool used by islam to get ignorant young men to strap on bombs to get 72 virgins in an imagined utopia called "heaven", and also by christian preachers since 212 AD.

Use your power of votes instead (but be prepared with your legal firearm weapons) though the republican politicians have rigged the process to ignore democratic votes. It is up to the good folks with legal power and technical abilities to overcome all the twisted configurations and ensure election integrity.