This is the innovation that is missing in the poor Caribbean countries. A simple vortex turbine that makes electricity


A Belgian company called Turbulent developed this very simple power generator that would be suitable for rural areas across poor Caribbean countries where ever there is a flowing river or even along the coasts where ports can be dug and route water to pass through and spin the turbine while flowing back to the sea. Maintenance is low and the parts are cheap. A single unit can power approximately 50 homes and get them off the main high cost grid.

This is the innovation missing from the mind of the people in countries where electricity is unaffordable for the mass and in some cases totally non-existent. Instead of spending every penny earned fro what ever hustle on worthless overpriced clothing, seek education, see the need of the people and let the mind get creative. Quit giving away the hard earned money to preachers who will never help because they tell you to ask 'god' for whatever you want, but give money to the church. Become creative and productive and this will lead to self reliance, a message that 1970s Jamaican prime minister and educator Michael Manley tried to deliver to the masses.