Trinidadian musician Jahvin Neptune always implement West African drumming in his productions


Throughout the era of slavery, drums have been an integral part for the survival of the African slaves. Drum rhythms were used as a code, communicating messages that the slave owners couldn’t decode. Additionally, the rhythms would have even motivated them to pursue the hardship of labor. Moreover, their unique worship incorporated various type of drums for many reasons that were much more than entertainment.

As a result, the inclusion of the African drums in the emancipation celebration today, attest to its essential use and function during slavery in commemoration of their struggle.

Yes the drums are primary guide by which dancers everywhere coordinate and maintain their movements accurately. It's an instrument that was missing from medieval European music as they relied solely on string instruments, including keyboards. Without the drums, the Soca groove would just be noise and Reggae would be considered "elevator music". The drums make it all good.