Warren Dietel. The story and legacy behind Puff & Stuff Bakery Orlando


Warren Dietel is a successful businessman and entrepreneur who has made a name for himself in the hospitality industry. As the owner of Puff & Stuff Orlando, a catering and event planning company, he has built a reputation for excellence in service, quality, and innovation.

Dietel began his career in the hospitality industry over 30 years ago, working in restaurants and hotels before starting his own catering company. He purchased Puff & Stuff Orlando in 2003 from his parents, who, along with their close friends, (Yuklan Laing and Gwyneth Pogson), originally founded Puff and Stuff Bakery in 1971.

His parents migrated from Trinidad in 1978 and started Puff and Stuff in 1980. Under his leadership and with a commitment to personalized service and exceptional cuisine, Warren has grown to the company to become one of the top catering and event planning companies in Florida, serving clients throughout the state. One of the things that sets Puff & Stuff Orlando apart from its competitors is its commitment to using locally sourced, sustainable ingredients whenever possible. Dietel believes that using fresh, high-quality ingredients is the key to creating delicious, memorable meals that clients will love. He also understands the importance of sustainability and works to minimize the company's impact on the environment by using eco-friendly practices.