What is happening in France? Many are blaming the presence of African and Middle east migrants


The madness in France which has led to approximately $1 billion in damages over 6 days of silly riots over the death of a 17 year old muslim male is being attributed to the innately barbaric nature of people who migrated from African countries and parts of middle east. Are they correct?

The destruction is more fitting to looting and idiotic vandalism with no cause. The rioters are seen stealing cars, food, jewelry, electronics and just the usual items which ghetto types go for when they see these activities as opportunities to steal without penalties. However because they are just vain and ignorant, many are boasting their stolen item at social media and of course are picked up by cops. This now strengthens the cause of many countries to enforce their desire to reject people from specific regions, because they are innately violent, uneducated, lacking innovation and just totally worthless to any society.